HERO Financing Makes Sense

Modesto is one of more than 340 California communities that have adopted the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity, or HERO Program, a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program. HERO encourages sustainability, creates jobs locally, and saves homeowners on their monthly energy expenses.

“Energy is expensive in the Central Valley, and property owners are eager to find ways to improve efficiency and lower bills,” said Modesto Mayor Garrad Marsh. “Our region faces many challenges, including ongoing drought and high levels of unemployment. By offering the HERO Program to Modesto residents and businesses, we expect to see improvements in water conservation rates, lower our utility bills, and a growth in demand for high-quality green energy jobs.”

In California alone, HERO has helped to create more than 7,500 jobs, funded more than 38,000 residential projects, and provided more than $875 million in financing to homeowners. Modesto City Councilwoman Jenny Kenoyer is especially excited to see how seniors can benefit from lowering their utility costs, while also adding to their home values. “They worked hard and paid off their homes, but their income doesn’t allow them to fix their homes up,” she said.

Easily apply online or over the phone to determine if you’re eligible for 100% financing for energy-efficient home repairs and renovations through the HERO Program, including water-conservation solutions. There is no application fee, and it only takes a few moments to determine if your property is approved.

  • Most Homes are Eligible Most Homes are Eligible
  • More than 50 Product Categories More than 50 Product Categories
  • Not Based on Credit Score Not Based on Credit Score
  • Payments are Made Through Property Taxes Payments are Made Through Property Taxes
  • Tax Deductibility Potential Tax Benefits
  • Transferable Upon Sales (in most cases) May Be Able to Transfer to New Owner

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