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Join Over 4,412 Bay Area Homes Already Saving on Utility Costs

The HERO Program from Renovate America provides Bay Area residents with an innovative financing option for energy-efficient home upgrades. As the nation’s leading residential PACE provider, we’ve enabled thousands of Northern Californians to lower their utility bills. All with the peace of mind that comes from our industry-leading consumer safeguards and network of experienced contractors.

Energy and Water Savings Have Arrived in the Bay Area

From The City to Sonoma, East Bay to The Peninsula, Bay Area homeowners are learning about new ways to save both water and energy. These energy-efficient additions can help homeowners cut down on utility costs and potentially increase a property’s value for years to come. The HERO Program is on its way to saving Bay Area residents and communities billions of dollars.

267.78M Gal
Lifetime Water Savings
Energy Bill Savings
Trees Planted

Popular Projects in the Bay Area

With HERO financing, you can select from over 50 types of energy- and water-saving projects.

Roofing › Windows and Doors › Heating and Cooling ›

The Bay Area Loves HERO

PACE Helps Bay Area Residents Make Meaningfull Impact

“HERO PACE Financing is very simple, very straightforward, and very easy for people to access. It reduces your monthly operating costs because you’re more efficient, and people put a real value on reducing emissions and conserving water.”
— Dave Pine, San Mateo County Supervisor

Berkeley Councilmember Lauds HERO Program

“We have seen that people who do comprehensive energy upgrades and water conservation efforts save massive amounts on their energy bill.”
— Kriss Worthington, Berkeley City Councilmember