HERO Financing Makes Sense

Energy efficient and water conservation home renovations haven’t always been an affordable option for residents of San Bernardino. As unpredictable weather patterns become an ever-present threat, San Bernardino residents have turned to energy—and water—saving technology. Selecting energy-saving improvements can be a complex process for homeowners, particularly when faced with large upfront costs. Fortunately HERO (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity), a type of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing program, is now available.
"We know that people want to make improvements to their homes to lower their utility bills, but the up-front costs often prevent them from moving forward,” says Janice Rutherford, President of the San Bernardino Associated Governments (SANBAG) and County Supervisor. When she learned of the rejuvenating effects HERO financing brought to cities around California she was excited to get her community involved too. "We are excited to make HERO available to residents and businesses in communities throughout San Bernardino County.”

Homeowners are now making upgrades that lower their utility bills, improve their property values, and stimulate local economic growth. You can easily find out if your property is eligible for energy and water conservation financing through the HERO Program by applying online or over the phone. The application process is free and simple—you can find out if you qualify in less than two minutes.
  • Most Homes are Eligible Most Homes are Eligible
  • More than 50 Product Categories More than 50 Product Categories
  • Not Based on Credit Score Not Based on Credit Score
  • Payments are Made Through Property Taxes Payments are Made Through Property Taxes
  • Tax Deductibility Potential Tax Benefits
  • Transferable Upon Sales (in most cases) May Be Able to Transfer to New Owner

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