HERO Financing Makes Sense

In June 2015, Concord joined the more than 360 Californian communities that have adopted the Home Energy Opportunity (HERO) Program. HERO, which is made possible through Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) legislation, has helped to create more than 9,000 jobs, has funded more than 52,000 residential projects, and has provided more than $1 billion in financing to homeowners in California alone.

“The HERO Program has been proven to create jobs, reduce energy bills, and decrease water consumption," said Blair McNeill, Vice President of Community Development for Renovate America, the company that administers the HERO Program. "With cities looking for ways to support conservation, now is a good time for homeowners to embrace PACE programs like HERO.”

And with Governor Brown ordering a 25% cut in urban water use statewide, Concord, an area that only averages 57 days of rain annually during non-drought conditions, can benefit from energy-efficient and water-saving home improvements such as solar panels and drought-tolerant landscaping. Homeowners in the largest city in Contra Costa County can easily apply online or over the phone to determine if they’re eligible for financing through HERO. There is no application fee, and it only takes a few moments to determine property approval.

The HERO Program has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Bloomberg Business, LA Times, Reuters, and Greentech Media.
  • Most Homes are Eligible Most Homes are Eligible
  • More than 50 Product Categories More than 50 Product Categories
  • Not Based on Credit Score Not Based on Credit Score
  • Payments are Made Through Property Taxes Payments are Made Through Property Taxes
  • Tax Deductibility Potential Tax Benefits
  • Transferable Upon Sales (in most cases) May Be Able to Transfer to New Owner

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