Before you apply, let’s see if HERO is available for your property.

What makes the HERO Program unique?

  • Based on Home Equity

    Approvals are based on the equity in your home, not your credit score.

  • Market Value Pricing

    We evaluate your project quote so you can feel confident you're paying a competitive price.

  • Invest Confidently in Your Home

    HERO offers support throughout every step of the home improvement process.

  • You Have the Final Say

    Our contractors have agreed to be paid only after you sign off that the project is complete to your satisfaction.

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Now, let’s find a contractor for your project

We can help you choose a contractor for your project from our network of HERO registered contractors. We'll also give you a call to go over your project details.


Find the right project to help you save

Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint, water usage or utility bills, HERO helps make it happen. There are over one million eligible products geared towards helping you save.


Here's a rundown of next steps for your HERO project

  • 1

    Work with your contractor to pick products.

  • 2

    Choose your terms and sign your financing documents.

  • 3

    Start and complete your HERO project.

  • 4

    Make HERO payments through your property taxes.

We can't approve your home for the HERO program at this time.

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Our underwriting team is reviewing your applications and we'll call you from 855-437-6411 and email you shortly to talk about your application.

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Our Hours Of Operation

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