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HERO is the fastest growing residential energy efficiency
financing solution in the country.

News & Updates

See a Backyard Turf Transformation with HERO

Want to save water, but have reservations about replacing your grass lawn with artificial turf? See what the experience was like from start to finish for property owners Christina and Rodrigo Muller, who made the leap with …

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HERO Registered Contractor May Spotlight: Turf Evolutions

Our featured HERO Registered Contractor for the month of May is Turf Evolutions Alternative Turf Systems, who have been in the turf business for 12 years. Founders Pete Ferrara and Shannon Beck started the company when they saw …

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5 Ways HERO Makes Saving Water and Energy Affordable for Homeowners

Energy and water efficient homes are all the rage these days. Although everyone knows that lowering one’s footprint is a win for our environment, there is an additional motivation that also happens to be “green.” “When I talk about …

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Infographic: Saving Water with HERO

Beyond taking simple yet important everyday conservation measures, the prospect of making significant home retrofits to save water can be daunting. With HERO, homeowners can finance a number of these upgrades easily and affordably to reduce home …

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