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Affordable financing is just the beginning.

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Verified Contractors

HERO has a network of licensed, verified contractors available to you.

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Consumer Protections

HERO provides competitive pricing standards, quality assurance, and more.

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Products That Save

There are over 50 categories of energy- and water-saving products to choose from.

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Dedicated Support

California-based support is available by phone, email and chat 7 days a week.

To be able to save $200 or $300 every month on the electricity bill is wonderful.
The Bricker Family
Temecula, CA
There's no water that's going to be wasted in our yard anymore.
Christina and Rodrigo Muller
Escondido, CA

94% say the process was easy and straightforward
98% of customers agreed that HERO representatives were friendly and professional
93% say they would recommend their HERO contractor to a friend or relative

Invest in your home with confidence.

Save Money

Based on Home Equity

Approvals are based on the equity in your home, not your credit score.

Easy Approval

Affordable Payments

Start your project with no money down and get low, fixed rates with flexible terms of 5-20 years.

Community Partnership

Local Government Approved

The HERO Program is offered in partnership with your city or county.

No Upfront Cost

You Have the Final Say

Our contractors have agreed to be paid only after you sign off that the project is complete to your satisfaction.

News and Stories

How Cool Roofs and Walls Make For Lower Bills

Textured paint coatings and heat-reflective roof coatings are some of the most popular upgrades homeowners are making using the HERO Program.

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HERO Program Now Available in Los Angeles

"The HERO Program was especially appealing to us." –Howard Choy, LA County Office of Sustainability

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And the Above & Beyond Award Goes to…Carini Heating & Air Conditioning!

Our Above & Beyond Award recognizes HERO Registered Contractors for extraordinary service. Congratulations to our first recipient, Carini Heating & Air Conditioning!

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