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Contractors Taking Special Precautions to Protect Seniors

According to the National Center for Elder Abuse statistics, financial abuse is one of the fastest-growing forms of elder abuse in the United States. “Elder abuse, including financial abuse, occurs in staggering numbers,” says Dr. Lisa Gibbs, …

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Behind the Scenes of HERO’s Call Center: An Energy Efficient Future

In our third and final segment in a series of brief videos featuring the fantastic team behind our highly-rated call center, we asked what it means to work toward an energy efficient future. This sense of pride is …

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Infographic: HERO Protect

The HERO Program’s strong consumer protections and rigorous contractor compliance measures set us apart from other financing options. Check out this infographic (and share it on your site using the embed code below) to see how we’ve got …

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Saving Water at Home With a Graywater System

Are you pouring water down the drain during our ongoing drought? Well, yes – who isn’t? However, reusing graywater is being called a huge opportunity to reduce home water use in California. In fact, approximately 50% of …

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